Here’s to strong professional women.  

May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them. 

The Pink Mentor Network is a career awareness project for teenage girls and young women.  All events and programs are designed to “Give Her Career a Head Start”.    All programs are built from current professionals who want better for “her” than they had themselves.

For teenage girls, we offer events that introduce you to careers yet discovered, and the great women who currently hold them.  This mission comes from own experience.  I grew up in rural Kansas and had incredible female role models.  However almost every women I grew up knowing was a teacher, nurse, or mother.  I did not know that the world offered limitless professional opportunities and had absolutely zero idea had to get there.   May you find your professional passion early and then make it your life’s mission. 

For young women, we offer career readiness and mentorship.  Again based off my own cluelessness, the intention is to share our collective successes and failures in a way that enables you to reach the achievements earlier.  May you fall in love with your career.

For current female professionals, we offer empathy, inspiration, and motivation so that you may continue to grow within your own career and do the work that is important to you…work that is important to us. May you find work that fills your days with purpose and meaning.  

For those women retired or transitioning out of the workforce, we applaud you for your years of dedication, thank you for hours of persistence, and encourage you to share your professional legacy with us.  May you wear your career like a badge of honor, and thoroughly take pleasure in retirement. You’ve certainly earned it.