Founding Thoughts

February 18, 2017

Today, I manage an engineering team.  All men, in a manufacturing company of 70+ more men, for an industry of men.  

Most days I look around and think, “Stacy, How the heck did you end up here?”

Short answer is my business mentor.  She decided to spend the final chapter of her career here as the VP of Ops.  Three years ago she called and asked me to come aboard. I leapt at the chance to learn from her.  And here I am.

The organization structure has changed since then.  Sadly, so has our relationship.  My team now reports to a different VP.  I’m not sure if that’s what changed our dynamic.  But it led me to her office three months ago pleading to regain her mentorship.

“I came here to learn from you.  And now, because that relationship has changed, I’m struggling to stay engaged and inspired.  I still want to learn from you.”

She leaned in and the next sentences crushed me.  

“Listen. I am in the last chapter of my career.  I am here to grow him.”

She pledged her mentorship to the company’s founder.  She had left me for a younger man.  

I moped around until January 21, 2017. Generations of united women wearing pink hats marched into my life on that day.

It was more than politics.  It was PINK.

I was reminded I have a tremendous amount to learn.  And more to offer and share with each passing day.

Today, I launch the Pink Mentor Network.

Our Mission:  We don’t want to be better than other women.  We want to make women better.  We won’t be belittled or shamed for being a woman.  We are keeping score of PINK lives impacted and improved. We will maximize female mentor opportunities and improve the sisterhood of past, current, and future professional women. We will get stronger, smarter, better by learning from each other.


I will prove that my mentor did grow a founder.  She just happens to be surrounded by pink.


Stacy Cassio

Founder of the Pink Mentor Network