The Pink Mentor Network was founded in 2017 through my own quest to find professional mentorship.  What I found instead was that successful women have full plates, and often mentorship is the first thing to fall off.

Women would meet for coffee, make an introductions, or offer generous one-time counsel.  However, long-term mentorship was a time commitment their busy schedules did not permit.

Therefore, I founded the Pink Mentor Network, a community committed to women’s mentorship.  We are women and resources who collectively want to develop future female leaders.  I created this network so that the burden to develop was shared, and the desire to grow was fulfilled.



We don’t want to be better than other women.  We want to make women better.
We won’t be belittled or shamed for being a woman.
We are keeping score of PINK lives impacted and improved.
We will maximize female mentor opportunities and improve the sisterhood of professional women.
We will get stronger, smarter, better by learning from each other.
We empower women one story at a time.

Join us.