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Who We Are

The Pink Mentor Network is a private community of professional women.  Membership is convenient because we meet on your time.  We are a group ambitious, empowered, strong professional women who want those qualities in the generations that follow us.

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How It Works

Once you complete the self-guided career reflection, you will receive:

  • Career wisdom shared by other professional women;
  • Input on topics like compensation, negotiation, self-care, career transitions, mentorship and many more issues that women face in the workplace;
  • Announcements about online and in-person mentor opportunities;
  • Stories from women who have excelled in their own careers and guidance on how to do the same;
  • Impartial, honest feedback from a community of women who support you unconditionally;
  • An opportunity to share the vast collection of knowledge and insight you have compiled in your own career;
  • An outlet to ask questions about your own career and receive honest, proactive feedback.

All of this may be done anonymously or as a billboard to your career where you share your own story and website with the community.

The program is totally self-guided and you may put as much time as you have available into the content.

To join women around the world who have already committed to support, guide, and learn from one another, simply submit your own professional experience.


About the Self-Guided Career Reflection

It’s a memory lane of your work life.  How you started, who has helped you, what you’ve learned, how you got to where you are today.

All experiences are important and welcome.  There is no story too small.  Each professional experience is worthy and significant.  You worked hard for those paychecks, promotions, opportunities, and achievements.  It’s time to take credit for them, Girl!

Your experience may remain private and simply move the collection of experiences forward generally speaking.  Or you can choose to share your story with the rest of the Pink Mentor Network like these women did.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.  If you don’t have the time to participate now but would like to contribute in the future, simply complete this form.