In Your Own Words

Women around the world are sharing their professional stories.  Each experience is as unique as the woman who lived it.  Here is what they want you to know.
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Take time to explore who you are. Try practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and staying curious. Cora


When a door is closed, open a window. Stacey


Never let fear keep you from doing what you really want or let others into your head with self doubt. Only you truly control your destiny. Jennifer
Never be afraid or ashamed of who you are. We all come from different backgrounds. Some are more reserved than others, but that does not mean they are any less capable or weak! Be yourself always. Be true and kind in all things! Amanda
Invest early. Be independent. Do not rely on anyone else to “save for you”. Be open to ideas. Be a joiner. Join groups that challenge you so that you can learn from them and others in the group. Vickie



Stay positive, Be yourself, listen and don’t be over confident. There is always room to grow and learn. Kimberly
Stay true to who you are and never lose focus on your goals. Summer
Always have a good attitude! It will take you through everything. Michele
“breathe. and give yourself targets. I’ve had times when I’ve felt less than 100% about my job or situation at the time, so I set myself targets/challenges. With the job (bad co-workers, tough project etc), it’s always how long I’ll passionately persevere through the challenge until I’m not willing to stick it out anymore–this is typically 6 months and gives me a goal. But within 6 months I’ve always put my “passionate perseverance” to work and fixed the issue before my target expires. Personally I commit to challenges and stick to them by sharing my commitment more broadly to ask people to keep me accountable.” Jen


Trust your gut. You will know when you are in the right place and sometimes it takes a little bit of luck but for sure a lot of hard work. Don’t forget to have fun either! You should truly enjoy and not dread going to work every Monday. Lisa


Know who you are. Embrace the bad as much as the good. Stop apologizing. Keep your expectations high but be flexible when needed. Define success for yourself, not through the eyes of others. Doing something because someone else thinks you should usually makes you miserable in the end. Jennifer


Work hard, don’t complain, smile, leave work at work.
Enjoy your family and life, children grow up quickly!


Always take the time to learn new things even when you do not feel it is beneficial. You never know when you may need the knowledge. Lisa


To give it all you have, and be helpful to others. Debbie
Never ever give up and never give in. Learn from your failures that success is on the horizon. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal relationship or professional aspiration. Work smart; give 100% toward your goals in life and success will surely come your way. Debra


Do not tell me that the sky is the limit…. when we have walked on the moon. Paula


Surround yourself with people who will push you, support you, and have a positive influence on you and your life. Don’t waste time(years) somewhere that this is not happening. Always take opportunities when they come up. Present confident even if you are scared. Be willing to accept when you are wrong and make mistakes. Kara
Don’t be afraid to start over. I took a few years off to raise children and had to start again. I was able to parlay a low paying job into a lucrative career in a few short years. Sometimes you have to go after it. Christie
Take time for self care – always. No excuses – especially in highly stressful times. You must take good care of yourself – your emotional and physical health. Lisa


At the end of the day, celebrate what you DID accomplish and don’t dwell on what didn’t get done-it’s defeatist and discouraging. Helene
I posted a blog post of a talk I gave to a group of high school students. I thought I’d paste that instead: Aysha

React to the situation and not the person. You cannot control other people’s actions. Starla