Women make on average 79 cents to every dollar a man earns.   That figure has not changed in the last 16 years.

Female graduates from top colleges make less than males from “non-selective” colleges.

The generations of female professionals who follow us need a head start.  The Pink Mentor Network was started to collect your experiences to advance the careers of our daughters, nieces, sisters, and granddaughters.

Your professional experience transcends industries and professions.  It connects you to other women.  It is an incredible record of accomplishments and failures.  Think about how many hours you’ve spent crafting it.

Your experience is an insightful guide for her.  Give her your experience to learn.  Let your mistakes will be her warning.  She achieves your successes sooner if you show her the way.

Your rear view mirror is more valuable to her than you.  You lived it.  You know it.  You worked way too hard collecting it to never share it.

Click now to share your story through a custom, self-guided career reflection.  You didn’t put all that work into your career to keep it to yourself, did you?  



There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women. 

-Madeleine Albright