Keeper of the Flame: How Pink Mentor Network Got an Anthem


“The two most important days in your life are

the day you are born and the day you find out why.”   
-Mark Twain

For me, there are really three important dates:

Born: April 9, 1979
Learned Why:  February 18, 2017
Started LIVING Why:  May 30, 2018

16 hours after I was “let go”, I started hustling & connecting. 

I was not going to be a victim.  I was going to register for a random events, make myself presentable, and start living my dream. 

(Even if that dream wasn’t crystal clear yet.)

I did.

And it was just what & who I needed. 

I attended a female entrepreneurs’ coffee.  These women inspired me with their passions, comforted my with their hospitality, and motivated me with their accomplishments.  

But on the car ride home…I heard the words that changed my life.

Miranda Lambert’s “Keeper of the Flame” came on the radio.  I’m sure I had heard  to it before. But today, in that moment of complete vulnerability, I finally listened it.

I’m walking in their footsteps
I’m singing their old songs
Somebody blazed this trail
I’m treadin’ on

“Blazed this trail I’m treading on” was the phrase that caught my attention.

I was hosting a Trailblazer’s Breakfast for 30 women in a few days. 

My mind was already imagining what type of impact it could make.  To celebrate, honor, and learn from a 16-year female partnership that transformed an industry, gave thousands work & paychecks. 

And then, to humbly sit in the space created by their dreams & hard work, listen to their experiences, learn from their greatness. 

And lil’ old me was privileged enough to invite & share this opportunity some of the most EXTRAORDINARY women in Charlotte.

We were treading on the trail they blazed… raceBecause they generously & graciously invited us to come along.  

I’m bent, but I’m not broken
I’m stronger than I feel
I’m made of flesh and bone
Not made of steel

The truth in that verse brought tears to my eyes.

I had lost my job.  I did feel broken.  But in my heart, I knew it wasn’t a fracture.

I am stronger than that. 

I’m the keeper of the flame
The teller of the story
Keeper of the flame
For the ones that came before me
For the little pilot lights waiting to ignite
Like fireflies in the rain
Keeper of the flame

As I listened to the chorus, I could feel the Pink Mentor Network mission race through my blood— everything that I am, everything that I know, everything that is true to my being.  

The emotion was so overwhelming I had to pull over.

I believe that every woman has a story we can learn from.  The power of the Pink Mentor Network has been giving her a stage, microphone, and audience.  

I believe in the power of female mentorship. I believe that women yearn for this relationship–someone to say, “You are not alone. I’ve been there too.  And here’s what I learned.”

The Pink Mentor Network honors those women, tells their stories igniting those who listen to them.  The Pink Mentor Network is the “Keeper of the Flame”.

I’ve been burned out to ashes
Waiting for a wind
To carry me and start a fire again
Sometimes I’m just a flicker
A candle in your eye
But I swear to God
I’ll never let it die

For 18 months, I leapt out of bed at 4AM because I felt so strongly about this mission that I had to work on it a few hours before “going to work.”

…I do swear to God I’ll never let it die.

When I’m drowning
When I’m fighting
When I’m screaming
When I’m hiding
When I’m losing
When I’m winning…

Drowning, Fighting, Screaming, Hiding, Losing, Winning — the Pink Mentor Network has introduced me to women all of these scenarios.  

For me, “hiding” resonates the most.  Over the last 18 months, I built this passion project that kept me energized and fueled. 

When I look at the event photos, I have never seen myself happier. 

confident me

It is me at my best. Me at my strongest. Me at my most confident. 

It is my belief system.  It has introduced me to women who changed my life—made me better.  

It is “ME“.  It is why I was put on this Earth.

And yet, I hid. 

… I go back to
The beginning

Those six words trigger two sentiments for me:  The beginning of Pink Mentor Network, but also my own beginning.  


Growing up in Quinter, Kansas.  Being raised by two small town, high school sweethearts.  Never having a lot, but always having enough.  Being the daughter of a man who worked 65+ hours a week for his family, and the woman whose work was her family.  And carrying the values they instilled in me — generosity, dependability, & humility.  

The beginning of my beginning began there. 

It’s who I am at the core…because that’s how I was raised.

Keeper of the flame
The teller of the story
Keeper of the flame
I’m not doing it for the glory
But for those little pilot lights waiting to ignite
Like fireflies in the rain
Keeper of the flame
I’m the keeper of the flame
Ooh, ooh
I’m the keeper of the flame
Ooh, ooh

Pink Mentor Network “Gives Her Career a Head Start” by collecting the experiences, successes, and lessons learned of accomplished women, and delivering them to women who desire professional inspiration, support, and encouragement.  Today, the network helps thousands of young women who are seeking career mentorship.  

I am not doing it for the glory.  I do it because it is who I am, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

To Natalie Hemby, Miranda Lambert, & Liz Rose: 

Thank you for writing what I needed to hear.  Thank you for writing an anthem to live by. 

We are going to disrupt and revolutionize how women seek and receive female mentorship.  Not because it’s a mission statement, but because we are “The Keepers of the Flame.”

2 thoughts on “Keeper of the Flame: How Pink Mentor Network Got an Anthem

  1. Ida Sanchez says:

    Awesome story. Women are becoming more independent n courage more n more. We’ve stopped being scared a long time ago. Our opinions, talents n voices matter. Great job Pink Mentor Network.

    Ida Sanchez

    Liked by 1 person

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