When “Taking a Leap” Feels Like Being “Shoved Off a Cliff”


I lost my job last week.

(As I type it, I still can’t believe it.)


ME?!… who has been working since 4th grade!
ME!?… who was awarded a “STACY CASSIO EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR – AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” at her first full-time job.  (Seriously…they named a freaking award after me!)
ME!?…whose passion project is to help women THROUGH this exact situation.

How could this happen to ME?!?!

I remember once being asked, “If you didn’t have to get up and go to work tomorrow, what would you do?”

I couldn’t answer.

Work is my whole identity—no kids, just work.  Work is the legacy I want to leave others. Work is my contribution to this world. Work has been instilled in me since birth. I come from a long line of hard-working Kansas farmers—we work.   Work gives me purpose.  Work gives me meaning.

I am my job.  And I lost it last week.

What I understand now—10 days later, 12 networking events, nearly 60 new contacts, dozens of calls/tests/emails, 4 completely-read books, tons of yoga, meditation & journaling later is…


Pink Mentor Network was started through my own desire to find professional mentorship 18 months ago.  Since then, it has grown to almost 3,000 women.  It astounds me when I think of it.  (THAT’S 3 TIMES THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN MY HOMETOWN!!)

I believe in the mission more today than ever before.

Women want—no, WE NEED— to learn from the experiences of women who have achieved, failed, and overcome.  Conversely, the most professionally accomplished women want to share the lessons they’ve painfully learned.

I declared “2018: The Year She Leapt” because I wanted to help women achieve their dreams by providing introductions, resources, and inspiration that led them there.

Perhaps in my heart, I wanted it for me too.

However, I did not realize a “leap” would feel more like a “shove off a cliff”!  Or that, the network I created—the EXTRAORDINARY folks I’ve met—would be there to not only lessen the blow, but also life me up.

Turns out the answer to “What would you do if you didn’t wake up and go to work?” is work harder than ever.  Work on the DREAM.  Work on the WOMAN.  Work on the PLAN.

Do WORK that matters. Do WORK that’s caring, thoughtful, and generous—and all the things I want to be. Do WORK that makes a difference.

… Big things are coming!  Pink Mentor Network just hired a CEO.

Immensely Humbled & Incredibly Grateful,

Stacy Cassio
Founder & CEO

(This piece was featured in the Pink Mentor Network’s newsletter.  The entire newsletter is available here. )

3 thoughts on “When “Taking a Leap” Feels Like Being “Shoved Off a Cliff”

  1. Nancy Pfannenstiel says:

    Stacy,you didn’t get fired, God just opened up more space for what you want. – and need to do. I love that you never forget. Who you are and where you came from. that’s what grounds you, It’s the very same thing all of you want to throw off as soon as you graduate from HS and can’t wait to get out of town, Years late you look back and see what you wanted to reject Is what molded and formed you.

    Well, since you have all this time on your hands -please come home and organize another party for your Mom’s fiends. We’re getting to be quite the rag tag bunch now . When we pull up in the car wth the handicap hanger , you just know people are wondering which one of us it belongs to. Love ya and hang in there

    Liked by 1 person

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