Meet Christy Miller – Empowering Women One Photo at a Time


“Life gets messy. My best advice is to do what women do every day—
Deal with the mess and move forward.”


Most of the events and content for Pink Mentor Network come from my own challenges or needs.  And oh, how I could use a new professional headshot!!!

I have no doubt Christy Miller is an angel on that journey.   I met Christy while organizing a women’s headshot refresh event.  Christy was the first photographer to respond with a definite “Yes, of course!  How can I help?”.

I’ve gotten to know Christy through our preparation for the event, and I learned that’s just the way she is.  She is a woman working hard to build the business of her dreams, and help as many women as possible along the way.

I touched base with her to learn about her career, her new studio, and doing work she loves.


Christy, thank you for so generously sharing your story and your talents with us!  I know you are busy with your new studio so I very much appreciate your time.

Please share where you are now in your career.  What are you doing?

I am a Photographer and Co-Owner of Mnemosyne Studio, a contemporary portrait studio that offers legacy photos and keepsake products. I organize and photograph sessions with each client’s personalized style and offer our services to create luxury products such as our folio collections, wall art, and custom framing.

Each client has a consultation session where we help them style their wardrobe, educate them on our products, and gain the understanding of how they’d like their final images to be shot for their big day. Our photo shoots include hair and makeup, a fully pampered day, with a 4 hour photo shoot which leaves them feeling empowered, transformed, and we encourage them to take a night on the town afterwards because they will leave feeling and looking absolutely gorgeous!

Wow!  A day of pampering!!! What woman doesn’t need that?!?  I know you are super passionate about what you do.  Tell me where that passion comes from.

I absolutely love the career I am in. It allows me the freedom of expression and creativity that drives my soul. I also love being able to bring out the beauty of the everyday woman, transforming them in front of the camera, seeing their reaction to a side of them that may have been buried for a long time.

I whole-heartedly believe that we often don’t make enough time for ourselves, and want to show each individual what I see- a beautiful soul, capturing their personality on camera, and serving them with our beautiful keepsake items that THEY can give to their children and their children’s children.

Yes!  I am absolutely guilty of not making enough time for myself.  What a beautiful service you offer women.  How did your career start?

I started out as a photographer for a part-time position during the Christmas holiday season when I was 16 years old. It was very part-time, seasonal based work, but that sparked a passion for capturing people in photographs and making them smile. Ever since that point almost every position or job that I held dealt with photography in some form. After I worked for a year with Olan Mills, I realized that I wanted my own studio and I wanted to be my own boss and be in complete control of my own destiny.

I enrolled at UNCC, ended up getting two degrees in art, a BFA in photography and a BA in art history, and graduated cum laude of the graduating class in 2013. There is never a moment when I am behind my camera and I don’t feel that drive to push forward. That passion drives me every day to better myself as a businesswoman, a professional photographer, and studio owner.

Amazing, Christy!  That passion certainly comes through in your work and your studio.  Both are gorgeous!!!  What’s your advice to women ready to “leap into their dreams”?

Be open to change and opportunities. Learn to analyze and weigh the options before you make decisions. Hard work and determination will only get you so far if you are looking to advance your career. Often it takes a lot of your personal time, researching, networking, and breaking out of your comfort level to reach the next step. Breaking out of the fear of failure is hard, but the only way to keep going is to keep trying because failure only holds you back so long- until you succeed.

Don’t be afraid to fail, never be afraid to fail, because each failure is a learning experience.

So powerful, Christy.  And yet, so true.  Thank you for reminding us that failure is part of the process.   Any other parting words of inspiration for us?

Life gets messy. My best advice is to do what women do every day- deal with the mess and move forward. We are incredible women, each and every one of us. We can take the falls, the shortcomings, the insecurities, and rise above it- we do it every day for our families and loved ones! If something doesn’t get done we know how to handle it and how to fix it. We are truly amazing individuals.

And finally — if life is a book, what is this chapter called for you?

Making My Mother Proud

And what’s the title of your novel?

If You Could See What I See…


Christy and her business partner, Ray, are opening their beautiful new studio to the women of Pink Mentor Network this month.  Join us Saturday, March 31st for a “Headshot Refresh Event.”  Register here.

For more information about Christy or Mnemosyne Studio, please visit

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