I almost walked away from my dream.

Sure, the concept worked.  Our journeys DO move “HER” forward.  Women DO learn & grow from sharing their experiences in a non-threatening environment.

But what’s the point?  There are plenty of organizations for women. 

And it was a lot of work! 

Every “non-day job” moment was consumed by Pink Mentor Network.  I was driving my family and friends crazy with the non-stop verbal dreaming.

And the PINK!  IT WAS LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!—like a pink baby shower exploded in my life!!

PINK business cards EVERYWHERE — bathroom mirror, dash of my car, wallet, nightstand.  Pink pens, stationary, shirts, skirts, socks & shoes — so literally every step was PINK.  I planted PINK reminders everywhere so I never lost track of the dream.

[And just between us—I even bought fancy pink underwear. Just so on those hectic workdays, when the only escape was a moment of bathroom solitude, I was gently reminded of the dream. :)]

HINDSIGHT:  It was probably too much!  

I couldn’t help myself.  I was obsessed.

I had a dream.

But it just felt easier to walk away.


What I didn’t realize in this period of fear, self-doubt, and exhaustion is:  YOU CAN’T WALK AWAY FROM A DREAM!!

Dreams live in our hearts & heads, and we physically can NOT walk away.

We can ignore them.  We can avoid them.  We can give up on them.  We can choose to not pursue them.  But you can’t actually walk away.

I know, I tried.

(But ultimately couldn’t because there was PINK reminders everywhere!)


How about you?  What dream did you “walk away” from?

Take a deep look.  I bet it’s still there.

Keep Dreaming,

This piece was featured in the Pink Mentor Network’s March 2018 newsletter.  The entire newsletter is available here.

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