From “Your Journey Moves Her Forward” to “The Year She Leapt”


Pink Mentor Network celebrated it’s first birthday last weekend.

(It’s okay.  I actually forgot about it too.)

Incredibly, what started out as a series of hyperventilation spouts & my own personal quest for mentorship has grown into a professional development community for women.

Pink Mentor Network was founded on one core belief.

Every woman’s professional journey is an unique story, and the collection of those stories moves generations of women forward. 


What’s Next?

It turns out my theory was right.

As women gather to share stories of success, failure, and every emotion in between, we all benefit.  I’ve witnessed women share their dreams to a roomful of strangers, and then leave that room with the courage to chase it.

I’ve learned that so much progress can be made in twelve months.  In the last year, I’ve witnessed brave women take giant professional, personal, spiritual, health, and financial leaps.

Therefore, Pink Mentor Network is dedicating the next twelve months to “The Year She Leapt”.  Details, programs, and content rolling out later this week.

Stay tuned!!  Big leaps ahead!!!

The Year She Leapt


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