November & Beyond – Pink Mentor Network

Careers Don't Come with Maps.

Who took a chance on YOU?
Before you had that title or experience … Who gave YOU a shot?

Who taught YOU to be a leader?
Before you had leadership skills … Who believed YOU could lead?

Who gave YOU good feedback?
Before you were doing it right … Who instructed YOU do it differently?

Who do YOU turn to for career advice?
When you are at your most vulnerable professionally … Who still believes in YOU?

Give it some serious thought. Maybe there are others to add to that VIP list.  Who are THOSE people?


A career is a long journey.  We collect many influences along the way.  Some come in human form.

Do they know how they changed YOU?


Several women recently had this exact AHA moment.  They each realized that they grew professionally because someone once gave them an opportunity or a nudge, and sometimes both.

And for each woman, it had been a while since they reflected on those experiences.  But from the rear view mirror, they each came to the same conclusion —



Now, Go. You have YOUR PEOPLE to thank.

With Immense Gratitude,


P.S.  If “YOUR PEOPLE LIST” is short, let me know.  I got your back!


This piece was featured in the Pink Mentor Network’s November 2017 newsletter.  The entire newsletter is available here.


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