Meet Patti Hansen – Fearlessly Chasing Her Dreams


“Don’t let someone else identify who you are,
who you will be, and your limitations.”  
– Patti Hansen

Patti Hansen recently went back to college and completed her degree.  She wanted to set a strong example for her teenage daughter.

Then, at last month’s Mentor Dinner in a room full of strangers (& her beloved daughter!) Patti first explained that public speaking isn’t really her thing, but she grabbed the mic and rocked it anyway!  She went on to ask for help finding her next professional opportunity.

And this month after an exchange on our Facebook group, Patti inspired me yet again.

I had posted this image.


And Patti responded with,

“I’d love to hear about your dream! That would be a great topic … dreams. if you haven’t already done it.  Not like sleeping dreams, but the dream that our heart carries. Sometimes it takes excavating to remember what that dream was again.”

It took that response to remind me:

A.)  Others care about our dreams,
B.)  They may help us achieve them if we ask,
C.)  Make room in your current life to remember “the dream”,
D.)  And then, make more room for that dream to grow.

Folks … it’s my honor to introduce you to a loving mother, ambitious professional, and true inspiration–Patti Hansen.


Patti, thank you for sharing your journey with us.  Women like you are exactly why Pink Mentor Network was started — To help women at the most vulnerable moments in their careers. 

Because face it, we have ALL been professionally vulnerable. Some of us are there right now! And you, Patti, are an inspiration to us.  So first, THANK YOU for sharing those emotions bravely and honestly.  

Let’s start with what type of work you are currently looking for.

I have worked in everything from hospitality, marketing, event coordination, ad design, to office manager. I would love to be in a position that utilizes my strengths, as identified by Clifton Strengths Finder, of responsibility, achiever, relator, individualization, and connectedness. I have a passion for working with individuals in identifying their unique traits which contribute to building productive teams.

Well, I can honestly say that the company that lands YOU will be extremely lucky.  What advice do you have for women actively looking for work?

If you are a person who knows oneself well and has had the insight to identify your dream, vision, or goal, then I would suggest writing it out on paper. If you write it, speak it, and live it out with an actionable plan … anything is possible!

Most importantly is to not allow negative self-talk. If you catch yourself doing that, or the start of a “pity party,” nip it in the bud! It is not acceptable to talk to others the way we oftentimes talk to ourselves. I read inspirational books, pray, volunteer, network, and just keep on keeping on.

Awe…that’s fantastic advice, Patti. Tell us about some of your previous professional experiences.  Tell us about the people who shaped your career and what you learned along the way. 

I have had many fabulous bosses and some not so fabulous. Most of my past bosses have gone on to become good friends. I was most impressed at the time I was working for a temporary staffing agency assigned to a federal credit union marketing position. Even though I was a long-term temp, my boss took the time to introduce me to everyone in the office and took me out to lunch.

On the assignment I only expected menial keep the ball rolling-type of work, but they had so much more planned for me. They had me designing ads, marketing brochures, press releases, organizing annual fundraiser events, and researching, writing, and creating financial education interactive pages on their website (that was approximately 5 years ago; it is still in use today ). That is putting a lot of faith in someone; it truly opened my eyes to my potential capabilities.

Love it!  You’re a woman who seizes opportunity!  Please share some of your inspiration.  What wise words do you live by?

Don’t let someone else identify who you are, who you will be, and your limitations.

I have a quote on my bulletin board: “Be where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated…”

My girlfriend shared this with me from her Keller-Williams training – “Just being ourselves is the biggest fear of humans. We have learned to live our lives trying to satisfy other people’s demands. We have learned to live by other people’s points of view because of the fear of not being accepted and of not being good enough for someone else.”

Last but not least, Lessons from a Christmas Tree by Jane Lee Logan: *Be a light in the darkness *We all fall over sometimes *You can never wear too much glitter *Bring joy to others *Sparkle and twinkle as often as possible *It’s okay to be a little tilted!

So true! Thank you, Patti.  


Patti Hansen has truly been an inspiration to me.  She’s an AMAZING woman with EXTRAORDINARY potential.  She sets an example that reminds me to pursue my own dreams.  I’m sure her daughter will echo that statement one day. 

If you or someone you know is looking to add a multi-talented ROCK STAR to your team, connect with Patti here.

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