Meet Davita Galloway – A Work of Art & Creativity


“Life is absolutely hard but…oh well, OVARY UP and let’s get it!

As women, we are born with a set of instincts and programmed
with amazing capabilities, dig deeper, fight harder
and manifest the ‘magic’ intended just for you.”

– davita galloway, Creative Entrepreneur


At an incredible event sponsored by Donna Scott Productions, the guest of honor and author, Valaida Fullwood, was asked who inspires her.  She pointed to Davita Galloway.

(Now ladies, here’s a mentor lesson:  When a woman you admire shares the women who motivate her … don’t walk, rather RUN to them!  Because it’s those women who will generously give, selflessly support, and fiercely care about YOU and YOUR WORK.)

I did just that.  And Davita Galloway has BEEN that…and more!

Davita Galloway is a work of art.

The moment you meet her you realize she is stunningly beautiful … inside & out.  She exudes confidence and creativity.  To know Davita is to be instantly inspired, and challenged to do more for your community because that is the example she sets.

After our brief introduction, I immediately had to know more about Davita.  That’s when I found this video from her June 2017 CreativeMornings’ presentation on “Survival”.

Davita Galloway is a champion, mentor, and muse to artists.  She has devoted her life to creating, as well as building a safe haven for art and those who practice it.  She recently shared a bit about her journey and what led her here.


Davita, thank you so much for sharing some of your EXTRAORDINARY journey with us.  How do you describe what you do?

Creative Entrepreneur. I co-own a few creative studios with my brother, Dion Galloway and on a daily basis, I ensure their processes. While activities range, they fall into three basic categories: retail, art and events. More, I also oversee the content on SPREAD, our digital platform, as well as CrownKeepers, a nonprofit dedicated to sustaining the art and creative culture in Charlotte.

Wow!…UNIQUELY DAVITA!  To many of us, having the courage & confidence to create your own career is incredibly admirable.  Tell us a little about how you got here. 

To speak in general terms, I knew I wanted to create. Growing up, that was always my way of giving back, of expressing myself. It was my safety blanket and was where happiness was found.

Love that!  I think women, myself included, have a hard time envisioning roles that are uniquely us, and then finding the courage to chase those careers.  What advice would you give us?

Ultimately, it’s about walking in your truth. Opportunities arise when you’re genuinely, actively participating in your purpose. My advice is simple, go with your gut!

Prepare for what’s next by envisioning yourself already there. You want to be a social influencer? Live your life like one! Act like one, talk like one, move like one!

That’s wonderful advice.  Your passion is contagious, Davita! 

To say that I’m passionate about my work is an understatement. Essentially, creating, is my EVERYTHING!

…And it shows!!  The GRIT, the PASSION, the GREATNESS — Where does it come from?

Life has been and continues to be my best boss. I am constantly learning from its teachings and my career is shaped by what I see and experience. I’m able to assess a need in life and create an art-influenced solution.

What insight do you have for women who are interested in pursuing a career like the one you have shaped?  A professional life that is uniquely them??

To speak in a transparent manner, I have my hands in a variety of great treasures; however, the work can be very taxing on one’s self. With that, I, oftentimes, neglect the needs of myself to ensure that everything else is running properly. I realize, though, that this is backwards thinking and am working to reverse this process. To learn more about what I, specifically, do, I encourage conversations.


And with that, Davita opened the door to conversations that will inspire, encourage, and possibly transform lives.  That GRITTY mentorship, and more of Davita’s journey will be featured here.


Tickets are available here.


For more information about Davita Galloway, please visit  Or to support and donate to the CrownKeepers’ mission of sustaining art and creative culture in Charlotte, click here.  

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