September & Beyond – Pink Mentor Network

Last week’s Mentor Dinner moved me.

The content and speakers were phenomenal.  The attendees were warm, honest, and generous.  The environment was supportive and inspirational.

It was all EXTRAORDINARY…but none of THAT brought me to tears.  Probably because after hosting several of these events, I EXPECTED all that.

No, rather it was the UNEXPECTED that shook me to the core.

It was the one attendee who had been drug to the event by a speaker.  At the beginning of the program, she explained that she was “done with corporate”.  She had climbed a professional ladder, reached a peak, and chose to step away.

She appeared strong–both physically and mentally.  She radiated the type of confidence that only comes with accomplishment, experience, and wisdom.   I was drawn to her during the program because she was totally reaction-LESS.  I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying herself or bored silly.

Perhaps that’s why her UNEXPECTED feedback came as such a shock.

At the end of the event, she grabbed me firmly by the shoulders, gave me a slight shake, and demanded “KEEP PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE!  GREAT THINGS WILL HAPPEN. ”

That one simple comment brought me to tears.  In 9 UNEXPECTED words, she validated 9 months of work and an ambitious dream.


PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE. — Such simple, but difficult advice.

PUTTING – Means action. Sure, it’s scary and a hell of a lot easier to stay home. But no one ever made a difference or a change by sitting at home binge-watching Netflix.  The world needs your talents, abilities, and personality.  Share them.

YOURSELF – Bring the YOU only YOU know.  Show up honestly, genuinely, and whole-heartedly.  The world is reciprocal. We get what we put out there. GIVE your best to GET your best.

OUT THERE – Out where? OUT THERE! — Try new things. Meet new people. Explore interests. Craft hobbies.  Find the gifts that come naturally to you and nurture them.

Go now. Go often. Go with a tender heart and strong mind.  Just go.  Be the unexpected that shows up and forever changes the program.

So now, where will you put yourself next?  Who or what is waiting for YOU?

The answer may be UNEXPECTEDLY GREAT!


p.s.  And don’t forget to ask for help if you need it.


This piece was featured in the Pink Mentor Network’s September 2017 newsletter.  The entire newsletter is available here.

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