September Events @ Pink Mentor Network


In-Person Event


Leaders have the opportunity to leave an impression, to empower, to care. Whether you currently lead or aspire to be a leader, plug into a community that supports and encourages your professional dreams.

Three phenomenal women will share their leadership experiences and perspectives from industries like corporate, non-profit, and education.

Something EXTRAORDINARY happens when this group gathers!

Come, experience it!!


Online Event

Reverse Mentoring – Lessons from a Millennial Executive

8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

Reverse mentoring, the ability to ask and learn from younger colleagues, has never been more important to bridging generational gaps in today’s workforce.

This session will be led by Marina Lvova, Director of Business Development for Undertone in New York City, an ad tech organization, and serves on its executive team.

During this FREE online mentoring session, we will discuss:

  • Stereotypes associated with millennials — Are they valid?  Or simply unfair labels?
  • Best practices for managing or being managed by a millennial.
  • We will also dedicate time to planning your future through hands-on visioning exercise.

(Link to session will be emailed prior to the event.)

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