Meet Faith Drew – Balancing Motherhood, a Career, & Sanity … and Helping Women Do the Same!


“Be kind – to yourself and to others. You make memories every day, it’s your choice whether that is a good one or a bad one. Learn from everything.”

-Faith Drew, Ph.D., LMFT

Dr. Faith Drew may be the most put-together woman I have ever met.  At the time we met several years ago, Faith was juggling a full-time job, private practice, successful marriage, tremendous Yelp presence, three chickens and an adorable certified-therapy dog … all while, looking gorgeous and rocking ridiculously high heels!

To doubt Faith is to challenge Faith, and this woman is always up for a challenge!

In the years we worked together, I witnessed Faith add order to the most chaotic situations. She has an innate ability to triage, organize, and implement systems and processes…that deliver sanity!

However, Faith also knows her own limits.  She was the first person to introduce me to the importance of a “Mental Health Day” or “Fun Friday”.  She is incredibly self-aware, understanding when and how to take care of herself.  Such an admirable quality … to work hard, play hard, and still find time for self-care.  This quality became even more important when she added “New Mom” to her ever-growing list of titles.

I have always admired…and frankly wondered, how one woman can do so much, so well. Faith is now dishing her secrets and more with the Pink Mentor Network.


Faith, thank you for sharing your story with us.  I must admit that from the day we met almost six years ago, I have been totally impressed and inspired by your ambition, spirit, and energy. 

You have been a Marriage & Family Therapist for many years. But oddly enough, your career didn’t start in this industry.  Can you please share how it began, Dr. Drew?

Initially, I earned my bachelor’s degree in bilingual elementary education, specialization in Spanish. As a teacher, I didn’t have to teach during the summer. I would volunteer at a camp for children from abused and neglected homes. Through that camp experience, I knew I wanted to help families. Once I started graduate school and practicing as a clinician, I knew that I would work with people for the rest of my life. I specialized in couples therapy in 2014 and I haven’t looked back. I am honored to be with people at some of their most painful moments and help them discover hope and healing – that is rewarding.

Like many women, you wear numerous hats. What are your current professional roles?

Couples therapist (my passion), my bread & butter job is working as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Director.

And what advice do you have for young women interested in clinical work?  Do you recommend a career in this field?

Yes, I recommend this field to anyone. It would be good to have experience in a variety of settings: Private practice, non-profit, agencies. Many private practices would welcome administrative help, same with non-profits.

Your own career was “developmental”.  You learned, and built from each professional experience.  That’s a skill in itself.  How do you think women build and utilize this skill in their own careers?

Be inspired by others. Find a role model, even if you don’t know that person personally (e.g., public figure). Keep learning. Be positive and look for opportunities – not to get something out of it, but because it’s the right thing to do and to make the world a better place.

So, Faith, you must have had some great teachers in your life.  Tell us about the women you have learned the most from.

In my early college days, I worked at a golf course…with my mom as my manager. People may have thought me crazy…if I messed up at work, I’d surely hear about it at home. My mom has high expectations and being her daughter, I was even held at a higher standard.

That instilled a great work ethic in me – leave someplace better than you found it. I also wanted to work hard so my mom would be proud of me or that I could make her life easier. If I did a good job at the golf course, then perhaps when she came in the next day, she didn’t have to work as hard.

Second, my good friend, Dr. Nichole Morelock. She was a calm and strong leader. She displayed professionalism and poise. Her kindness drew you in and yet, you knew when she meant business. She struck a nice balance between being warm and sensitive, and being serious and everyone needs to get in line to get the job done.

Wow! I see so much of both those examples in you.  That’s the brilliance of surrounding ourselves with EXTRAORDINARY women–there’s so much to learn and take with us. Love it!

So, tell us about what you are doing now?

I’m doing a research-based 2-day workshop, called Bringing Baby Home, that equips current & expectant parents to successfully navigate the transition to parenthood, a time that is typically marked by a decrease in relationship satisfaction on Oct. 21 & 22 at the Hilton Garden Inn of SouthPark.

Bringing Home Baby


Dr. Faith Drew, LMFT is a mother, wife, and business owner.  She understands that being effective in those roles requires enormous work, energy, and self-care.  Faith reminds and helps women pursue the latter through her own example and teachings.  

More information about “Bringing Baby Home” workshop is available here. Or to learn more about Faith and the DB Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling practice, please visit


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