Make This Declaration Today & Transform Your Life Forever

No, Seriously. This Pact Starts Today, And Leads to a Lifetime of Better Choices. 

Last night, I had a drink with an old friend.

(Not the pact, but perhaps should be.)

Now, just between you & me…I was kind of dreading it this time.

After all, it had been a long week, and it was finally the Friday before a long holiday weekend. Everyone was fighting to start the weekend, and traffic proved it. And at the last minute, she changed the meet-up destination to a stuffy, highbrow wine bar smack dab in the middle of the congested city.

(Totally not my scene. Ugh…I really didn’t want to go.)

But it had been awhile, and I do laugh harder with her than most anyone else in my life. She kind of entertains me.

We are polar opposites — She has a glamorous corporate job in the city; I work for a manufacturing company in the country. She is 100% extrovert 100% of the time; I prefer to listen and observe. She loves an audience, and thinks of corporate politics as a challenge; I hate inauthenticity, superficial conversation, and most corporate ladders.

She introduced me to this drawing. It sums up our relationship.

No doubt, I am the one covered in verbal rainbow-colored vomit.


Call me a glutton for self-punishment, but I met her anyway.

And from the minute I walked into that pretentious, over-priced wine bar, where she had ordered a fancy cheese plate & hummus appetizer with a large glass of expensive Sauvignon Blanc, I felt…right at home. 

All, because of her company.

We caught up on each other’s latest career moves, family updates, and grand dreams. We devised plans to solve the world’s problems over a glass of wine and cherished friendship. And we laughed…boy, did we laugh! We laughed like the old days, and laughed because of the old days. The kind of laughter that is good for your soul and your abs.

She talked at least 85% of the time (which frankly delighted and amused me.) Don’t get me wrong — I challenged her, and called her on the BS (which I think delighted and amused her!). But somewhere in the middle of the rainbow spewing, she said…


“Life is about sticking with the people who make you better.”


I added,

“…But it’s more than relationships. We must also choose work and experiences that make us better.”

It took a dear friend, who deserves more of my time, to teach me who doesn’t.


Well, crap. When it’s framed like that, I know exactly who and what doesn’t deserve my time & energy.

(And for me, umm…larger problem…several of them play a GIANT role in my life!!!)


I got work to do, people!

How about you? Who are the people in your life who don’t support your dreams, or promote your best self? What situations steal your time & energy, but don’t advance your mission?

Enough is enough, folks. Let’s make a pact.

Let’s declare today…now, say it with me:

“I will only spend time & energy on the people, work, and experiences that promote my best self.”

…Okay, so who is with me?


If you have people or situations in your life that don’t deserve your time, generously give this post a “like”. If you support this pact, and are making this declaration now, share it with those who will hold you accountable.  You can start with me,

One thought on “Make This Declaration Today & Transform Your Life Forever

  1. Leslie says:

    You are always spot on and so good for the soul because of your courage, authenticity and wisdom.. The relationships I cherish are those that make me a better person…You definitely make me better – Love you my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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