August & Beyond – Pink Mentor Network

Earlier this month, I attended a thought-provoking event on “Imposter Syndrome”.  It was part of the #DSPEAKUP Speaker’s Series and featured EXTRAORDINARY author and philanthropist, Valaida Fullwood.   The content was great, and I am still struck by the conversation it spurred.

Why do we struggle with feeling like enough?

Why is it that when we are extended an opportunity or invitation our response is:

  • Externally, a polite “thank you”,
  • And then the immediate internal panic of “WHAT WILL I WEAR?!?”

It was pounded into my young head with every lacy Easter dress, velvet Christmas dress, and new first-day-of-school outfit. It pops up at the office with every new event, meeting, or introduction. Stacey Brockus mentioned it at June’s mentor dinner.  Tina Luckey questioned me on it just last Sunday.

If the event is special enough, we will hunt down the perfect dress and matching accessories…all so we feel special enough.

Ladies, Imposter Syndrome starts in our closets!!

When Tina Luckey candidly asked me, “Why don’t you promote yourself more, Stacy?”  I froze up and had difficulty coming up with the honest answer.

But here it is …

(Sorry, panic just set in.  This is hard to say outloud … to so many inspiring women … women who I greatly admire and am honored to know  …  And BREATHE, Stacy…)  

Here is the naked truth.

Even with all I have accomplished, all I have earned, all I have received, all I have met … I still struggle with not feeling like enough.

And on those days, Ladies, I run to my closet for reassurance and protection.  When I don’t feel the part, I can at least look the part.


I recently got a postcard from a friend.  She kindly had written these words.

This picture made me think of you and your “tribe” of women that you nurture, support, and encourage with amazing enthusiasm and love.  You are an incredibly special woman and I’m so proud of you and blessed to call you a friend!!
Much love,

It’s important to surround yourself with women like Becky.  Women who will support you, encourage you, and carry you through the days you don’t feel like enough.

That, my friends, is the TRUE power of the Pink Mentor Network.  Support me. Encourage me. Carry me.  I will do the same for you.

Oh, and as for that tribe of women on the front of that postcard…


… Not a lick of clothing on any of them!

Reminding you today, and every day, YOU ARE ENOUGH,


P.S.   Now, share this reminder with the greatest women in your life. Support her. Encourage her.  Carry her.  Remind her that she is enough.


This piece was featured in the Pink Mentor Network’s August 2017 newsletter.  The entire newsletter is available here.

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