July & Beyond – Pink Mentor Network

I’m a sucker for a female executive’s success story…Sheryl Sandberg, Sara Blakely, Barbara Corcoran, Ina Garten, Arianna Huffington…and the list goes on & on.

I am a total fan girl.

I watch their interviews, read their books, listen to their podcasts…all for tidbits that I can apply to my own career.  Each woman draws me in. Every story is inspiring in its own unique way.



They have assistants, investors, followings, money, PR machines, stylists … and that list goes on & on & on.

Sure.  At one point, they may have been at a place that vaguely resembles where I am.  But now, they are so far beyond me that when I think of all that led up to their success, I’m suddenly overwhelmed and intimidated.

It’s like an ugly wart I have been trying to hide for years.  This constant need to compare my own career to the careers of the women who provide motivation.



The Pink Mentor Network has introduced me to REAL WOMEN DOING EXTRAORDINARY WORK. Women who fight every day to make their own dreams come true. Real women like Amber GreenNina MillerAmy Penwell, and Heidi Campbell.

Now, these are women I can relate to! They are mothers juggling ambitious careers and hectic family schedules.  They are dreamers working hard to pursue their professional passions.  They are REAL WOMEN DOING EXTRAORDINARY WORK … and I, am a total fan girl!

With Immense Gratitude For Giving Me Inspiration I Can Relate To,



Click here to read the rest of July’s Newsletter.

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