She Can Do Anything.


The independence of college is tempting her.

With one foot out of her parents’ door and the magnitude of the next few years on her mind, she browses college courses. Each offering an introduction into a career she knows very little about. The unanswered questions about her future are enticing, and yet still … terrifying.

The future is near, but still so undetermined. Fueled by youthful desires in the pursuit of freedom, she is eager to ditch this town and these people. The world is hers to conquer.

She can do anything.



The allure of professional success is seducing her.

With degree in hand, a mountain of college debt, and a newfound higher education, she curiously searches for her first job. Daydreams of glamorous work, titles, offices, and attire fill her head.

Of course, she understands it all comes with years of hard work…She plans to have them all, and a six-figure salary no later than age 30.

Searching for that one shot to get her foot in the door is daunting. Employers of all shapes and sizes with promises of titles that sound vaguely like something she can do. With no adult roots and enormous career-seeking drive, the future is wide open.

She can do anything.



The comforts of home and family are calling her.

Replaying the day’s conversations in her head on the commute home, doubts creep in. It has been a tough couple months at work…impending deadlines, longer hours, and new responsibility.

Her mind immediately turns to dinner as she pulls into the grocery store parking lot. She also picks up cereal for breakfast, glue to finish a school project, cards for Father’s Day, and a tub of mint chocolate chip because well…let’s be honest, she’s earned it.

With five grocery bags tied around one wrist, a purse that weighs almost as much as her youngest son, and the weight of the family on her back; she slips off the shoes that have been killing her all day. She takes in a deep reassuring sigh as if to remind herself that she’s got this.

After all, she can do anything.



The peace and pace of retirement are beckoning her.

As she counts the days until retirement, her career is winding down. She must admit she never thought she would come this far. Years of accomplishment and hard work are all in the rear view mirror now.

With no one to come home to and nowhere she has to be, she has the spare time she has always desired. Now, how will she fill it? The void of a daily schedule and routine suddenly terrifies her.

Because soon, she can do anything.


Stacy Cassio is the Founder of the Pink Mentor Network. Stacy finds REAL women doing EXTRAORDINARY work and helps tell their stories here.

Because they can do anything, and so can she.

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