The Plunger Method: A Mindful Approach To Writer’s Block

How to Overcome the Mental Clogs That Hinder Creativity

Creative Mind

Ideas, deliverables, and work that matters come easily to a constant observer of people, systems, and processes. Take note of the yourself on the days that it doesn’t.

No one turned off the faucet of subject matter. What’s causing the clog that is preventing the material to flow?

In these moments, you must be hyper self-aware and painfully mindful.

For me, self-awareness begins with these questions.

Am I hiding?

Hide-and-Seek isn’t only a child’s game. Many of us still play it today. Some of us have become masters at the hiding part.

It has become easy to fill your hours with “binge” this, or “marathon” that. More to consume, and less accountability needed to digest it.

There are millions of distractions or tiny, dark places to hide. The creative mind is easily distracted by consumption, and often the comparison, of another’s talents.

But perhaps what we are really doing is procrastinating. Sometimes we delay the inevitable in the hope that it won’t chase us down.

What am I really hiding from? How long have I been in this hiding spot? What am I truly seeking?

Maybe it’s I crawl out from under this tiny, dark hiding spot and start seeking.

Olly Olly Oxen Free?

Am I fearful?

We drive ourselves to passion, purpose, and meaning. But when fear is behind the wheel, we no longer have control of the route, destination, or hitchhikers accumulated along the way.

We are now in the passenger seat.

Am I fear’s passenger? If so, what is its name?

Is it a new fear or one that’s been haunting me for a while?

What can I do to confront this fear? What will the confrontation look like? How do I do it?

Is it time to push fear out the driver’s side door and take control?

Am I processing?


Amen, Ferris.

Sometimes you have to step back, process, and then continue. This is often the case after a meaningful learning experience or professional growth spurt.

Am I exhaling? Am I catching my breath?

Am I currently mulling over a recent event, conversation, observation, realization?

How much time will I give myself to process before acting?

What will I do with the newly learned skill, lesson, or knowledge? Who could also benefit from it?

Am I hurt?

Sometimes putting ourselves out there consumes so much energy that when the effort goes unaccepted or challenged, we recoil.

Are you grieving a loss? Did you lose a relationship? A belief? An event?

What was the name of the horse that bucked you off? Failure? Rejection? Loss?

How much time will you give yourself to lick the wounds?

When must you move forward?

Today’s post was triggered by own mental clog.

I am hiding. I am fearful. I am processing. I am hurt.

But that’s not all I am…

(Clog cleared. Words flowing. Inspiration abound.)

I am moving on.

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