Meet Amy Penwell, Owner of 9 Round – NoDa

Amy Penwell

I am a firm believer that life introduces you to the exact inspiration needed at the exact moment you need it.  And sometimes, when you are lucky, that motivation comes in the form of a truly incredible person.

Life recently introduced me to Amy Penwell.

Amy’s career started in the non-profit arena, where she spent nearly 10 years and built an amazing career with huge non-profits like Foundation For the Carolinas and Girls on the Run.  But in January, Amy walked away from the only career she had known to pursue the business that lived in her dreams.

Last month, Amy Penwell opened 9 Round – NoDa, a 30-minute fitness kickboxing gym.

Amy shared, “I would recommend starting a business – it’s challenging yet satisfying. I did research first on owning a business, talked to other owners and CPCC’s small biz division.”

Amy added that an instant form of inspiration has been a friend who competed in the Pittsburgh marathon. Amy admits, “I was inspired when I went to watch a friend in the Pittsburgh Marathon – [She] crushed my assumptions you have to look a certain way to have that accomplishment.”

Amy’s advice to women seeking to pursue their own dream is:

“Go with your gut and network. Talking to others was huge for me, and when you are ready to move to another role, meet people in the organization or in that industry. Trust when you want something more.

Never hurts to ask questions or seek information.  We are not supposed to do it alone. Rely on friends, family, colleagues, resources for support and guidance. And take care of yourself. Self care is huge.”

Amy Penwell certainly pays it forward by sharing both her story and business with women who are looking shake up either their own fitness routines or professional ambitions.

In fact, through the Charlotte-area Meetup “Women Who Are More Than Their Day Jobs”, Amy is opening up her gym on June 10, 2017 at Noon to share her story of entrepreneurship, and the strength and courage it took to get there.

Ladies:  Come in your workout gear, ready to take on your own dreams and nine circuits of kickboxing!!  Let’s kick self-doubt in the butt, and unlock motivation through perspiration!

Only 18 spots are available so RSVP now for this Meetup!   

Perhaps Amy and 9 Round-NODA are the exact inspiration needed at the exact moment for you, too.


9 Round – NODA is located at 2424 N. Davidson St., Suite 112B – in the same building as Amelie’s – the entrance is actually inside of the building.  For more information or to schedule a free workout, visit

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