Ego-filled, Heartless Leadership v. Egoless, Heart-filled Leadership


Let’s compare the two types of leaders:

One is fueled by the internal facing energy of arrogance while the other carries a outward facing confidence.

One speaks, then acts while the other listens, then acts.

One knows the employee that fills a position within the organization while the other knows the human being behind the employee.

One is quick to blame while the other is quick to accept blame.

One does not make mistakes while the other apologizes for the mistakes made.

One enjoys the limelight and takes advantage of its glory while the other respects the stage and understands the privilege of performance.

One is narrowly focused on his trade and industry while the other understands knowledge and lessons are universally learned.

One grows his business while the other grows the people who grow the business.

One retains only those who see the world like him while the other surrounds herself by those with new and opposing perspectives.

One seeks counsel from her fans while the other seeks counsel from advocates for the business.

One influences from a position of power while the other motivates through a position of empathy.

One is the last to know while the other is the first to respond.

Thought Evolution

I originally wrote the above post a year ago. It paints leadership as black & white, right or wrong.

Although recently, like life has a way of doing, I received the gift of thought evolution.

To see things differently than your less experienced self really is one of life’s most powerful gifts, isn’t it?

Perhaps leadership is not the hero/villain relationship stolen from Hollywood. Maybe leadership is much more grey. And real transformation occurs when a leader experiences evolution of thought.

A leader’s influence multiplies when actions move from for the “good of me” to the “good of we”.

Sorry I missed that before. My thoughts are evolving.

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