A Woman’s Voice

My Hope for Her Voice

A woman’s voice echoes the influences of her childhood.

Jim & Kathy’s firstborn.  Mommy’s big helper.  Daddy’s little girl.  Miss Baker’s 2nd grader. Theresa, Lawrence, Lorrie, and Duane’s granddaughter.  Abby’s best friend. Lindy, Julie, Todd’s big sister.  Proud childhood resident of Quinter, KS, Population: 900 (+ 57 family members.)

A woman’s voice finds intensifies with each challenge life throws at her.

The farm girl who hailed a NYC cab.  The college dropout who desperately pleaded for a just one shot.  The fiercely independent young woman who learned to ask for help. The stubborn, yet determined, employee who made her case for promotions, raises, and sometimes just equality.  

A woman’s voice is impassioned by what and who she falls in love with.

Mr. Cassio’s proud wife.  My incredible family who are each such heroes to me that they each inspire me to be a better woman.  Dear friends who support me without question. Women uniting and supporting the careers of women.  Work that “Gives Her Career a Head Start!”

A woman’s voice becomes wise and confident with the passage of time.

Mine started a whisper, and honestly sometimes a whimper.  Like a muscle in training, with each exercise and practice my voice has taken shape.  Time and experience have eroded the earlier self-doubts, leaving confidence and grace. The young girl who once whispered, now thoughtfully and respectfully roars.


Last Tuesday, some of Charlotte’s most inspiring women met to build, support, and celebrate the female voice.  It was the inaugural Pink Mentor Network mentor dinner, and perhaps the first time I spoke in the voice I have been crafting for a lifetime.

IMG_5509 (1)


One thought on “A Woman’s Voice

  1. speak766 says:

    Really great post. You’re right – our voices are all a reflection of what we’ve experienced in life. Every woman has a voice and has a right to speak for herself. Best of luck to your mentor program.


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