Meet Heidi Campbell

Heidi Campbell

I had the great pleasure of meeting Heidi Campbell at this week’s mentor dinner.  She’s an amazing woman who came to the event with a friend and her mother, also both incredible women.

When Heidi introduced herself, she shared at least a half dozen key roles in her life… mother, salesperson, daughter, friend…and even doula!  At one point during the evening, Heidi made the suggestion that audience members should take the mic and introduce themselves.  Her idea introduced the group to the stories, careers, and dreams of more fabulous businesswomen…the exact mission of the Pink Mentor Network.

Not only was she a powerful voice at the event, but she also shared gratitude and several introductions with me after event.  Heidi is definitely a women looking out for the best interest of women!  Her voice, career, and life are inspiring.  Thank you for sharing them with us Tuesday night, Heidi.

She also brilliantly captured her key takeaways and generously shared them with women who weren’t at the event.  Below is the list and Heidi’s photo with Congresswoman Alma Adams and Sarah Whitmire.


Tonight I was inspired by 3 women including keynote speaker and our Congresswoman Alma Adams. It was a rare night where I felt ZERO GUILT for not seeing my babies tonight because I will be a better mom because of their leadership. I would like to share my favorite words of wisdom and quotes of the night!

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Study your mentors and those that you aspire to be.

You can’t live for the weekends. That is not living.

Listen and feel and give in to that calling inside.

Believe in yourself.

It doesn’t matter how you start off in life. Only you determine your destiny.

Privilege is serving people.

When people show you who they are…. believe them.

People will forget what you say and what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel.

When you are promoted or elected or chosen to lead, it is your Responsibility to reach back and pull someone else up.

Have a lot of compassion for people w/o health insurance.

When women win. America wins.

There is a difference between concern and commitment to change.

Take action do not just be concerned.

If you are not passionate you probably are not going to do a good job.

It’s not what you call me. It’s what I answer to.–African proverb

Don’t get in your own way. Most of the shadows come from standing in ones own sunshine.

Happiness leads to success and not the other way around.

Using your voice is important but silence is powerful too.

Stubbornness is a refusal to give up on your dreams.

When you seem mad it’s because something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Don’t be afraid to be mad and fix it.


I would add one other key observation from Heidi’s story and the mentor dinner:

Successful women support, mentor, and surround themselves with successful women.  Perhaps the most powerful influence in a woman’s career are the women she’s surrounded by.

I’m fortunate to have phenomenal female influences in my life.  Many came out on Tuesday night to support me and I met even more at the event! Thank you to all who attended the inaugural event.  You collectively energized, inspired, and validated my belief that every woman has an powerful professional story to share.  And when we share them with young women, we give their careers a head start.

Thank you, Heidi, for capturing the significance of the evening.  Your ambition and thoughtfulness continue to inspire the women around you.

For more information about Heidi and Charlotte doulas, please visit

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