Unloading Stuff


“Ugh, there’s a line,” I muttered as I pulled into the Goodwill donation drive-through.

Why didn’t I drop these outdated, ill-fitting clothes off when I first put them in the car? Instead, I added mileage to the baggage and drove around with a full trunk for weeks.

My attention is drawn back to the moving line.

Oh good. It’s moving quickly.  Only one more vehicle to go, but unfortunately it’s the biggest pickup truck I’ve ever seen and it’s packed full of unwanted possessions.

Wow.  Those people have a lot of junk.  Impatience flooded me.

If only I dealt with these bags when I lugged them to the garage months ago.  Ridiculous that it took the much overdue task/torture of garage organizing to even remember the old stuff was still there.

Again I’m drawn back to the F150 vomiting crap.

Ha…What a spectacle! The couple is arguing about some piece of junk she wants to keep. The Mrs. just hid an “after second thought” in the passenger seat.  And another one. Every time he goes into the building, she tucks something back into the front.

I guess I understand. Sometimes it really is difficult to give away your stuff.

Wait.  What am I thinking?!?! The contents of my own well-traveled bags haven’t been worn in seasons.  In fact, they spent almost a year collecting in the guest room closet before they made the Goodwill pile.

This is taking forever.  I have a million other chores to run and yet I’m stuck behind the Junkersons! Who would want their stuff anyway?! Such garbage really.  Most of it is in moving boxes which reminds me of two years ago when we moved and I became a Goodwill regular.

Funny how stuff piles up until you move.  We still have unopened moving boxes with contents we may eventually need.  They just sit there….boxed and waiting for need or movement.

Oh, finally. The Junkersons are empty (except for the few items the Mrs. squirreled away).

I pull up, open the door and announce to the attendant, “Thankfully I have far less than that couple.” as if my stuff is superior.  He smiles, catches a view of the vehicles building behind me, and responds, “Busy day.”

It strikes me that we are consuming his time unloading our once-valued possessions.  This poor guy takes on everybody else’s junk daily.  Wonder what his guest room/garage/trunk look like?

Fully unloaded and it feels good! I thank the man for his help and immediately feel relieved to cross that errand off a long list.

I then speed off to the store.  There’s some stuff I’ve been meaning to pick up.


Thoroughly and consistently get rid of the stuff. Be patient with the unload process. Appreciate & reciprocate those who help clear the stuff. (Self included.)  Be selective of the stuff that accumulates in the vacancy.

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