Girls, I Want You To Know

These girls cheered their little hearts out.


The motions were adorably awkward and uncoordinated. And even through the poor quality video, you can hear the cheer was remarkably in sync and loud.

Girls, I want you to know:

You are beautiful. Even when you get braces, gain the Freshman 15, or that first wrinkle appears, you are beautiful.

You are smart. Even when the grades, reviews, or opposition doesn’t reflect it, you are smart.

Remain united. Even when you have a difference of opinion, be kind and accepting.

Stay loud. Even when your voice goes unheard, it’s important and powerful.

Keep cheering. Even when life gets hard… no, especially when life gets hard, stay supportive of one another.

You are a force. Even when you are told “no”, keep pushing forward. (Unless it’s Mom, Dad, or a teacher. Then listen respectfully.)

My sister sent me this photo and video. The middle girl is my niece. She is beautiful, smart, kind, loud, supportive, and a force. She’s an inspiration.

This week I launched the Pink Mentor Network because I want my niece, and her friends, to know they are surrounded by a sisterhood of women. These girls will get a head start because of the experiences of women before them.

Pink Mentor Network Mission:

We don’t want to be better than other women. We want to make women better.  We won’t be belittled or shamed for being a woman. We are keeping score of PINK lives impacted and improved. We will maximize female mentor opportunities and improve the sisterhood of future, current, and future professional women.  We will get stronger, smarter, better by learning from each other. We empower women one experience at a time.

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