The problem not addressed…

… will be there tomorrow.

… will lead to resentment because it lingered.

… doesn’t have to be solved now.  Simply addressed if only mentally.

… is eating you up somewhere– mentally, sub-conscientiously, physically, emotionally.

… is skewing the decision you are making now.

… may grow, spread, or be contagious. The unvaccinated are at risk.

… is holding you back from a better version of yourself.

… is probably seen, felt, discussed, shared by others.

… sets precedence for what your priorities are not. Others take notice.

… doesn’t teach you anything.

… will most likely bite you in the ass later.

… will be revealed in an inopportune moment.

… is festering.

… has power over you.

… lives because you let it.

… is kindling.

It’s time. Deal with it.

p.s. Kindling starts fires.

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