Good Leaders Get Out of the Way

While the executive team meets off-site:

  •         work carries on as normal but with a bit less bureaucracy.
  •         the environment is slightly more relaxed and collaborative.
  •         there are less meetings, closed doors, fewer interruptions.
  •         more time is spent taking care of customers and making product.
  •         team members speak openly and honestly.
  •         departmental boundaries are lifted.
  •         problems are solved, rather than discussed.
  •         creativity flows as the busywork is halted.
  •         leaders reveal themselves from the shadows.
  •         the company momentarily exhales.

Meanwhile at a nearby off-site, the executive team fears nothing is getting done back at the office.  Little do they know, it’s the most productive day of the quarter. If only the organization operated this well when they returned.


Leadership is hiring, coaching, and retaining individuals whom always make decisions in the best interest of the company. Then getting of the way.

p.s. Sometimes the latter is the toughest.

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