This Event Triggered Something

“This” means singular.  Not recurring, but an individual situation.  An unique moment in a life full of unrelated occurrences.

“Event” means a defined instance.  A happening with a certain location, particular time interval, and ultimate outcome.

Although an event may be life altering, it is not life determining.

Triggers push and expose us.  “Triggered” means a “nudge” occurred. “This event triggered” what you allowed it to.  It awoke something inside.  Perhaps that’s a good thing.

“Something” is where time should be spent.  Fully understand it and you may no longer see it again. Neglect its effects and it will haunt a lifetime. Lurking in the shadows waiting for another “This event triggered”.


Dear Self,

Don’t blow this instance out of proportion. It has the power you give it.  

Don’t be afraid of provocation.  You own your reaction.

Spend time on the “something”. Complete awareness is the key to growth.

Ignore “This”, “event”, “Triggered”. Focus on “something” or it will become a frequent, unwanted visitor.

Just do the “something”.

2 thoughts on “This Event Triggered Something

  1. Dolly says:

    Hi Dolly!
    Your website is awesome. What pure talent and thinking you have and what an ability to express it! I miss you and wish you well with everything! Hi to Steve and Bax!

    Liked by 1 person

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