The Power of a Thoughtful Response

We only have control of our response.   We are powerless over the message, messenger, and delivery.

Or are we?

It’s unusual for him to snap like that.  He must be having a bad day.

We excuse, and usually forgive, out of character responses.

You know I received that reaction too. Maybe she’s under a lot of pressure.

We share, and frequently empathize, with those who receive an undeserved lashing.

That’s the second time I have seen her behave like that.

We remember, and keep a safe distance from, repeat offenders.

Let’s keep this between us.  No need to involve him yet.

We hold back information and fear communication with those whom consistently respond unpleasantly.


Our response to this moment’s message, messenger, and delivery influences future messages, messengers, and deliveries.

Receive, process, respond.  Or receiving may no longer exist.

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